Meet Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men's Chorus!

Chorus Leadership

Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men's Chorus is lead by a Board of Directors with 8 members:

Board President

Adam Johnston, Baritone

Board Treasurer

Charles Otto, Bass

Member At Large

Tony Christensen, Baritone

Member At Large

Iris , Non-Singing Member

Board Vice President

Scott Sincoff, Bass

Member At Large

Michael Blume, Tenor II

Member At Large

Derek Henderson, Tenor II

Not Pictured:

Board Secretary

Darrin Gahner, Non-Singing Member

The Steering Committee would like to thank the Fargo-Moorhead community for all their support. The Gay Men's Chorus is a young organization. Our continued presence in the FM LGBTQ+ community is dependent upon the continued participation and cooperation of all who have helped us in our journey. Thank you!

Chorus Membership

Casey Kelly, Tenor II

Jonathan Olson, Tenor 1

Jordan Seim, Tenor I

Jan Titus, Bass

Louis Zurn, Baritone

Yukon Maughan, Baritone

Daniel Parke, Tenor I

Robert Stone, Baritone, Founder

Jesse Wiesenborn, Tenor II

Not Pictured:

Bjorn Fjosne, Tenor II

Wendy Witteman, Non-Singing Member

Artistic Director

Angel Lira

Production Manager & Volunteer Coordinator



Jared Hoeft

Flautist & Piano Accompanist

Amanda Hoeft