Meet Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men's Chorus!

Chorus Leadership

Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men's Chorus is lead by a Board of Directors called the Steering Committee. Currently, there are 7 members on this board.

Board President

Adam Johnston, Baritone

Board Treasurer

Charles Otto, Bass

Member At Large

Tony Christensen, Baritone

Board Vice President

Scott Sincoff, Bass

Member At Large

Michael Blume, Tenor II

Member At Large

Derek Henderson, Tenor II

Not Pictured:

Board Secretary

Darrin Gahner, Baritone

The Steering Committee would like to thank the Fargo-Moorhead community for all their support. The Gay Men's Chorus is a young organization. Our continued presence in the FM LGBTQ+ community is dependent upon the continued participation and cooperation of all who have helped us in our journey. Thank you!

Chorus Membership

Casey Kelly, Tenor II

Jonathan Olson, Tenor 1

Jordan Seim, Tenor I

Jan Titus, Bass

Louis Zurn, Baritone

Yukon Maughan, Baritone

Daniel Parke, Tenor I

Robert Stone, Baritone, Founder

Jesse Wiesenborn, Tenor II

Not Pictured:

Bjorn Fjosne, Tenor II

Artistic Director

Angel Lira

Production Manager & Volunteer Coordinator



Jared Hoeft

Flautist & Piano Accompanist

Amanda Hoeft